Home Chef Concept: Home to a New Business Idea
Home Chef

The year 2020 was all doom. Industries were facing breakdowns. F&B industry was one of the worst-hit. Some of the companies succumbed to it. But, not everything was gloom and doom as it gave rise to a concept, one that has already gained a lot of eyeballs. It’s the Home Chef Concept: Home to a new business idea that is here to stay.

Home Chef

What is the Home Chef Concept?

As the name suggests, Home chefs are the ones who prepare the meal at their own home. What the different thing is, is that they prepare it to sell their services in return for a payment. The whole process, right from planning a menu to ordering the ingredients, quality check, and executing the cooking for a large number of people is what the home chef has to perform.

Why is this Business Idea gaining ground?

There is so much diversity in India, but limited avenues to experience it. Home chefs open the barriers and the customers are able to pleasure themselves by having the most authentic food in the most traditional manner. Also, home cooking is a bit more open to the customers where they can trust that the prepared food is healthy and all the safety precautions are taken care of.

What are the advantages of a Home Chef?

  • Quality Assured:

With a particular home chef in charge of a small number of people, he’s able to concentrate on quality. It helps the chef in making health a priority and given time, make quality and tasty food that the customers would love to have.

  • Customization Available:

One of the perks of having a Home Chef is how you can instruct him to make food as per your taste and likings. Spicy? Done. Sour? Easy. Sweet? No problem. It’s as easy as it sounds.

  • Ghar ka Khaana:  

Something that the people living away from home would be able to relate to more than the people living at their home. Home Chefs have made it possible for people to have home-like food irrespective of the boundaries. During the tough times, sometimes all you need is home food and home chefs have been able to provide just that.

For these home chefs, the sudden spotlight is a great opportunity to take India’s diverse regional cuisines to the next level. Not only are traditional recipes being revived, but we are also getting to know how we have been wrong about the origin of some dishes.

Tips to grow the Home Chef Business:

  • Dream Believe Achieve – Imagination is the first step towards your Destination.
  • Involve your heart with interest – The taste of your love will make the food even tastier.
  • Focus on your Strengths – Authentic and traditional dishes are the Key.
  • Use Technology to Scale Up – Having technology by your side helps your business grow.
  • Quality over Anything – Your customers are going to retain when you’ll keep up the quality.

One of the biggest reasons attributed to the growth of this business is the non-availability of some authentic dishes commercially. For instance, there is a dearth of authentic Goan and Parsi food served in restaurants. In Mumbai, you will be hard-pressed to come across restaurants serving authentic Kashmiri food. This is leading to more food festivals and ‘special menus’ at restaurants and hotels. Add to it the understanding of people to follow social norms have helped the home chefs to flourish.

The home chef business idea is here to stay. Now the onus is on them on how to survive in the business and scale up amongst the ranks. But, the beginning of the journey has been a boon to a lot of people all over the country.

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