• Open the browser and type the website name https://login.posify.in  in the URL section
  • Log in using the email id and the password we have created in tutorial 1.
  • As you land on the dashboard, click on Billing. (encircled in yellow)
  • As you enter the next screen, select a table, in this case, table T2 (encircled in green)


  • As you click on the table, you enter the menu page.
  • You select one of the items from the menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard (encircled in green on the left).
  • As you click on the product from the menu, a pop up appears; you can select addons or any variations in the product and click add to the card (encircled in green on the right)


  • As you punch add to cart the product is added to the cart section.
  • In the cart section on the top right, you can see three buttons KOT, BILL and printer icon (encircled in yellow)
  • If you click on the KOT or BILL button, the same will be printed; if you want to print BILL and KOT both, then click on the print icon.
  • Next to the KOT button is the calendar icon. If you want to punch an order for a future date, you can select the date and punch the order.


  • If you want to apply discounts to the bill, click on the lower-left discount button and select the discount amount/percentage button you wish to offer. (Encircled in yellow)
  • Similarly, if you want to apply a coupon to the bill, click on the coupon button next to the discount button (encircled in green). A pop-up asking for a coupon code appears, which you can add and apply the respective discount/offer to the bill.


  • To the right of the coupon is the staff code. This button is for staff ordering food for themselves and wanting to avail of the staff discount. (encircled in yellow)
  • To the left of the staff, code is the loyalty code button (encircled in green). This button is meant to provide discounts to loyal customers.


  • To create a customer database, click on the customer button located to the right of the loyalty button (encircled in yellow).

Once you click the customer button, a pop appears, fill in the details of the clients and then click on the save customer button on the lower left (encircled in green


  • Once the order is punched you have to click the save the order (encircled in blue), the screen will redirect to the dining area section as shown in right side of the screen. You can see the order details in the table (encircled in red) against which you have punched the order. 
  • If the guest wants to order new items, you must punch the new order in the menu section. If the guest is over with ordering, click on the settle button (encircled in yellow)


  • Once you punch settle, a payment mode pop-up opens. Select the mode of payment as shown in the drop-down options and then click Save.
  • As the bill is settled, Posify will close the order, and the table against which the order was punched will show empty (sown in the below screen and encircled in yellow)

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