• In this tutorial, we will learn how to receive online orders on the platform https://link.posify.in
  • Log in to the link Posify platform using your credentials.
  • As you land on the platform, click on the online & offline buttons (encircled in yellow)
  • A pop with two options, delivery closing and shift closing, opens.
  • By switching on the delivery closing button, you will be switching off all the bookings from food aggregators and other online bookings.
  • Similarly, by switching on the shift closing button, you will be switch off the offline billing process.


  • As you receive a new order, the same will reflect on the new order section (encircled in yellow) 
  • You can view the order details by clicking on the same on the upper left side of the screen (encircled in red)
  • On the upper side of the platform (encircled in green) is the button through which you can print the KOT, Bills and Labels.
  • The other option is the red button to decline the order and the green button to accept the order.
  • In between the cancel and accept buttons is the time button (encircled in green) you have to allocate for preparing the order by clicking the + or the – button. + button stands for adding the time, and – button stands for reducing the time. Once you select the time, press the accept button. 


  • Once you accept the order, the same will move to the preparing section.
  • Once the preparation is done, and the food is ready, click on the green food ready button.


Once the food read button is punched, the order moves to the ready section (encircled in green), and for swiggy and Zomato booking, the order is collected from the restaurant directly.


  • If you want to link posify to accept the food aggregator bookings directly, then click on the auto accept (highlighted in yellow)
  • By ticking on the auto accept, the booking will be accepted by the link posify without any approvals, and the KOT will also be printed directly.
  • If you tick the auto bill (highlighted in green), the bill will be generated automatically when the order is dispatched


  • In case you don’t want to auto accept the orders, there is another option of BILL ON and KOT ON
  • BILL ON option represents in which stage you want to print your bill; it can be either accept, ready or dispatch. (encircled in red)
  • If you select the ready option for BILL ON and accept for KOT ON (encircled in yellow), KOT will be printed when you accept the order, and the bill will be printed when you click the food ready button.
  • There are three options for label on also: accept, ready, and dispatch(encircled in yellow).
  • If you click on the auto read option, the speaks will read out the order as and when it comes.


  • Select menu option from the right side of the link.posify dashboard (encircled in yellow)
  • If you cannot deliver any product in the menu due to unforeseen circumstances, all you have to do is select the category from the list and click on the off button (encircled in red).   


  • Below the menu option comes the closing, which will display the reports and sales summary (encircled in yellow).
  • As you click on the closing page, select the outlet and the date range for which you need the report (encircled in red and blue, respectively)
  • Once you select the outlet and the date range, the posify will show the reports (as shown on the above screen).
  • If you want to download the report, click on the download button located in the bottom left of the screen (encircled in black)


  • Below closing comes the past order option; in past order, you can see the past order of the selected outlet.
  • Once you click on the past order, you will land on the page. Select the outlets and dates of the past orders (encircled in red and yellow, respectively).
  • Later click on the show date button (encircled in black)


In settings (encircled in yellow), you have an option of delivering the food through your delivery boys for food aggregator bookings.


  • Encircled in yellow is the log button.
  • Once you click on the same, you will be able to view the menu products you had turned out of stock, and when you turned in stock along with the timing, the outlet details, timestamp etc., is given on the screen above.  

This brings us to the end of creating categories and products.  

Thank you !!!  

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