• Open the browser and type the website name https://analytics.posify.in  in the URL section
  • Click on the campaigns button located in the bottom left of the dashboard (encircled in yellow)
  • One can create discounts and coupons in the campaign section.
  • As you click on campaigns, you will land on the campaigns page, click on add new located in the bottom right of the screen (encircled in red)


  • As you land on the discount page, enter the discount’s name, in the above case 50% discount.
  • Enter the start date and the end date of the discount campaign.
  • There are three options in the type of discount; one is a fixed amount discount, the second option is the percentage discount, and the third is the flat price discount applicable for the food aggregator only.


  • For illustration purposes, we will choose the percentage option in type (of discount)
  • Value of discount will be the amount or the percentage of discount (depending on what we select in the type option)
  • Minimum order – pertains to the minimum order one should order to avail of the discount.
  • Max discount –  is the maximum order amount to avail of the discount.
  • Minimum quantity – us the minimum quantity to be ordered to avail the discount.
  • Max quantity – is the maximum quantity one can order to avail of this discount.
  • Printed name – is the discount offer name you want to appear on the screen


  • Highlighted in yellow is applicable on section, which gives the choice of selecting items to apply the created discount.
  • If you select the first, all then the discount will be extended on all the menu items.
  • If you tick on the category, then the discount will apply to a specific type of product.
  • If you want to apply the discount on a selected item, then click on item level.
  • Bogo option stands for buy one get one free, e.g. buy two pizzas and get one pizza free.  
  • Bogo 1+1 stands for on purchase of one product get another product free, e.g. buy one pizza and get one coke free.
  • Freebee discounts are valid for Swiggy only and one selected item.
  • Buy X Get y is similar to Bogo offer but applicable for Swiggy ad Zomato only.


  • If ticked, the Enable on the online option will allow you to apply the discount you have created to online platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.
  • Coupon based only option will allow you to use the discount as a coupon.
  • If you want to disable the coupon for some reason tick, the disable option.
  • Tick display option if you want to display the discount on the Food aggregator and your website.

Once all the relevant details have been filled click on the save button (in green)


  • Once you click on the save button, an option for choosing appears on the screen (encircled in yellow)
  • Select the outlets by ticking the once you want the offer to be applied to.
  • As you can see in the above screen, a discount id is generated by Posify once we save the data.


  • If we tick the coupon based only option (as we have done above), we will have to create a coupon based on the discount id.
  • Click on the add new coupon page (encircled in yellow)
  • Click on the add button in blue (encircled in blue)
  • As a new space appears, fill in with the name you would like to give the coupon. Max usage – if you want to keep a maximum order amount limit, you can punch it here. Discount id – is the id we had created in the discount section. Expiry date and time is the date and time on which you want the discount to expire.
  • Once you fill in all the details, click on the correct symbol (encircled in red) and then click on the save button (encircled in green)
  • Once you click save, a pop up appears, click the ok button on the pop-up.


Once we save on the option, you can see the saved coupon on the coupon page.


  • If you want to create the discount for dining in and take away the offer, then untick the Enable on online and coupon based only options and then hit save. (Encircled in yellow)
  • If you want to create without coupon-based discounts for Food aggregator, only click enable on online and then click save (encircled in red).


  • To see if Posify accepts the discount, log into login.possify.in
  • Once you punch the order, click on the coupon button at the bottom, fill in the coupon name in the pop-up, and click on apply coupon. (Encircled in yellow)
  • Posify will apply the discount in the bill (underlined in red)

This brings us to the end of Posify tutorial 12.

Thank you !!!   

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