Five compelling reasons for food businesses to opt for digitised restaurant supply chain management.
restaurant supply chain management

Are you a food entrepreneur who wants to give your 100% to the food business? Instead, do you feel entangled in the procurement and storing of ingredients and goods? Does managing your restaurant supply chain management eats up your time? Handling food logistics needs special attention as there is the problem of food pilferage and damaged packaging. 

A food business can hire service of a restaurant supply chain management who have professional expertise in handling food logistics. A supply chain service enables the food to be sourced from various parts of the country and sometimes even different parts of the world and delivered right to the restaurant kitchen with all safety hygiene followed.

Today, the restaurant supply chain management role is not limited to transporting goods and food ingredients for the restaurant. By adopting a digitised platform, supply chain services can also help restaurants control operational costs. An added advantage of cloud-based supply chain service is remote monitoring of the supply chain, managing multiple vendors, monitoring wastage, accurate food cost calculation, reduced inventory turnaround time and order time.

Below mentioned are some of the ways a restaurant can benefit by opting for supply chain management service:-

Reducing cost by adopting restaurant supply chain management :-

A digitised supply chain service helps optimally manage the restaurant’s inventory. While it enables the restaurant to send orders before the stock of ingredients runs out, it also prevents overstocking. By optimally using resources, the restaurant can reduce the costs of operating a business.

Minimising wastage and pilferage:-

A restaurant can use digital restaurant supply chain management to compare the quantity of ingredients required, viz-a-viz actually used for a dish. By following the set standards for stock management, the restaurant can manage wastage and track pilferage. Reports generated by the software can provide valuable insights into wastage, and the restaurant can devise ways to minimise them.

Managing inventory:-

Digitised supply chain and logistic service simplify managing the inventory at the warehouse and the outlets. It can allow the restaurant to decipher which ingredients are in high demand and needs frequent replenishment. Restaurants deal with easily perishable goods if such inventory is mismanaged; this will lead to gross wastage and result in losses.

Quick scalability :-

Most quick service restaurants and restaurant chains especially the one which run on franchisee model prefer rapid expansion. As restaurant businesses expand they need reliable service in new cities, F&B units cannot waste time finding new vendors or risking their brand values by compromising on service standards. A digitized supply chain management provides business solutions helping restaurants to scale up their business and aid rapid expansion without worrying about logistics and supply chain issues.

Data driven decision :-

Digital supply chain and logistics simplify the process of record-keeping, monitoring of Purchase orders, bills and generating reports. On examining the information generated by the software, the decision-making team can explore the best way to store and move products to minimise wastage. 

Data generated by the digital platform also analysis the order processing methods and reasons for delays and wastage. All the data generated by the supply chain software helps give the business a clear insight into the restaurant’s health and performance and take remedial measures for improvement wherever required. 

Fierce competition, high labour cost, ever-increasing inventory and off late, the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions have forced the restaurant to operate on wafer-thin margins. A digitised restaurant supply chain management service can help the restaurant reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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