How to hire restaurant staff in the year 2022: Mediums to recruit employees for F&B business
hiring restaurant staff

The food and beverage industry is a part of the hospitality industry, where human resources play a critical role. The food industry is a labour-intensive sector, and human skill is required right from preparing your food to serving it. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say the staff is the element that gives the restaurant business a unique brand identity. 

Restaurants face numerous challenges in hiring staff and retaining them. The F&B industry operates on a wafer-thin margin on the one side; paying hefty salaries becomes a challenge, and on the other side, severe pressure and low rewards make it discouraging for youngsters to join this industry.

Understanding the actual workforce requirement in the food outlet:-

Once you are about to open the restaurant, an easy way to understand the restaurant’s actual staff requirement is to divide the requirement into the front of the house staff and the back of the house staff. The front of the house (FOH) in the areas where a restaurant welcomes its guest like the dining area, bar the cafes or similar places, back of the house (BOH) represents the kitchen, storage space and utility area which are generally only accessible to the staff of the food outlet.

Hiring restaurant staff for front of the house (FOH):-

The manager leads the hierarchy of the staff in the restaurant. For big F&B chain entities, the General manager heads the team and is assisted by the branch manager. The manager’s primary duty is to keep a tab on the restaurant’s day-to-day operations, hire staff and regulate the organisation’s finances. 

Staff like servers, bartenders, etc., form the face of the restaurant brand; once the guest is in the restaurant, they are taken care of by the guest. They represent the face of the business and brand identity hence need to be trained accordingly. Buzzers responsibility is to clean the table and set the table with cutlery and crockery before the new guest occupies the table.

Cashiers maintain the cash register along with punching orders and generating the bills. Takeaways and orders generated by online mediums are also usually punched by the cashier. The cashier’s responsibility is to see the takeaway and online orders are communicated to the kitchen and executed correctly. 

Hiring restaurant staff for the back of the house (BOH):-

he back of house staff represents the operations part of the F&B business. The chef heads the BOH division; depending on the size of the establishment, there may be a sous chef who may act as an assistant to the main chef. The chef’s responsibility includes cooking a meal for the partons, albeit with help from assisting staff. They are in charge of training new cooks and staff members; their added responsibility includes keeping a tab on the inventory and stock purchases. 

Cooks report to the chef; their primary duty includes handling their food station as per briefing received from the chef. Washing, chopping, grinding and mincing food ingredients required for the dishes is their duty. It is crucial to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant premises; the hotels employ maintenance staff for this purpose. Most restaurants have dishwashers; hotels usually delegate one person to operate dishwashers. 

Modes of hiring restaurant staff for FOH and BOH division:-

Various mediums are available for the F&B business to appoint staff for the front of house and kitchen; these mediums have pros and cons. Restaurants can adapt any hiring mode depending on the budget and the actual requirement. Some of the mediums are as given below:-

Job Portals:-

There are en numbers of job portals like, and through which staff recruitment can be done for the restaurant business. When advertising for a job opening, details like the job description, years of experience, salary scale also needs to be mentioned. The job portals charge a specific fee, and in return, provide a database through which you can scan for employees. This medium is more effective for hiring the top league staff like the managers, chefs, cashiers etc.

Social Media:-

Social media is an effective way of posting jobs. LinkedIn is a career-centric social media site. You can run advertisements on LinkedIn or post the job on your page, and people following your page will get a notification. Facebook is another social media option through which restaurants can look out for employees. There are facebook specific groups and pages that post a job for F&B units and can be used to target staff looking for an opening.

Recruitment consultants:

Outsourcing your recruitment tasks to a job consultant is one way of simplifying the process. The agency will shortlist resumes for you and send them across to be finalised. The recruitment consultant usually charges one months salary if the hired staff does not leave the job in six months. A replacement is provided if the recruited staff leaves the job before six months


Employee referrals are one of the best methods of filling up a job post. Usually, employees of the outlet are requested to refer for the job opening from among their friends, family or contacts. Since the staff is referred through a known source, this recruitment mode is more reliable than others. Depending on the position, a referral incentive can be awarded once the candidate is hired.

Classified new paper advertisements:

Classified ads in newspapers are one of the most time tested ways of hiring new staff. This recruitment medium is most successful for hiring lower grade openings in a restaurant. Issuing adverts in the vernacular press will be more constructive for lower grade jobs than English paper, which will also be economical.

Hiring restaurant staff can be a daunting task. The Restaurants have to employ the most economical modes, which can be equally effective als

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