How to optimize restaurant order preparation time and increase delivery?

The word instant resonates so much in today’s world, instant messaging, instant personal loans, and last but not least, instant noodles. In this day and age where food aggregators promise 10 min food delivery, patience is a rare virtue, especially when it comes to restaurant order preparation time. The delivery time of a product or service can make or break a business, and the F&B industry is no different. A restaurant order preparation time is one of the most critical parameters based on which the restaurant’s service standards are graded. 

We all know how annoyed clients can get if they wait long for their restaurant order delivery. While dining businesses still have an option of entertaining, interacting, and thereby distracting guests in case of order delay, handling delayed delivery becomes a real issue. Below are some of the ways businesses can reduce restaurant order preparation time.

Streamline restaurant order preparation time :-

When the restaurant receives a multi-dish order, the preparation time for different menu items in the order differs. In such a situation, the restaurant must:- 

  • Prioritize the restaurant order preparation time; the dishes that take a long time are made first, followed by those that take a shorter time. 
  • Some dishes cannot be prepared and kept for long as they may lose their flavor and aesthetics. Such kind of food again must be prepared last, i.e., while dispatching orders. 

When an order is received, the kitchen should follow a primary standard operating procedure on how to execute the order.

Laying guidelines for kitchen staff:-

Orders in the restaurant and could kitchen can be very erratic. Sometimes, the order flow is deficient, but sometimes it can exceed expectations:- 

  • Sudden spike orders should not trigger confusion in the kitchen; the restaurant management should lay guidelines on how the staff needs to execute the orders. 
  • The laid procedures should be enforced strictly, and staff should be answerable for the same in case of delays. Customers should not be made to wait for more than the prescribed time as this leads to a bad image of the restaurant brand.

Staff training:-

Staff training is another vital contributor to optimizing the restaurant order preparation time:-

  •  New staff should be trained to follow the SOPs of the restaurant, and once they follow the procedures with perfection, they only should be given independent charge of the tasks. 
  • A modern restaurant POS system can help restaurants evaluate staff performance. However, a POS can be optimally utilized when operated by efficient and well-trained staff.

An efficient POS system:-

Technology has to a great extent, simplified restaurant day-to-day operations:- 

  •  A digitized kitchen with a modern POS system where the entire order management is tech-based is much quicker and error-free. No more need to write down the order and get the same delivered to the kitchen. 
  • You just need to punch orders in your tab, or your computer and a Kitchen display system will flash the same in the kitchen. You can enter vital details like any modifications you need in the menu, ingredients the chef must avoid in a dish due to guest allergy, etc.

POS system minimizes human intervention and automates the restaurant order preparation time.

Organizing kitchen:-

Organizing your kitchen helps significantly in reducing the restaurant order preparation timings:- 

  • Making batches of preps is essential to managing your kitchen. To save time, restaurants should schedule the prep batch, like chopping and slicing fruits and veggies, during the lean period of the day and then store or refrigerate them. 
  • Perishables and day-to-day use preps should be dealt with first thing in the morning. Likewise, using kitchen equipment that helps you reduce the processing time also helps reduce the restaurant preparation timing. 

We hope the above tips and tricks help you reduce restaurant order preparation time and increase productivity.

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