6 Effective tips to create restaurant POS training for your employees

Implementing a restaurant’s point of sales (POS) is a crucial first step a restaurant takes in organizing and automating itself. Many times restaurants find existing POS software inept in handling the challenges they face and may have to switch to a new POS. In any of the above situations, the F&B outlet needs to keep its staff upgraded with restaurant POS training to use the software optimally. 

Implementing a modern POS can take a restaurant a long way in efficiently handling table management, organizing the kitchen, and streamlining the payment process. The latest cloud-based POS system can also help restaurants manage their inventory and collect data points. To benefit from the modern POS, restaurants must see that their FOH and BOH staff have full knowledge of the system. Below are some of the ways a restaurant can train its staff in POS software:- 

Taking opinions and feedback

Before restaurants start shopping for a point-of-sales solution, they must finalize the features a new POS must include. A brainstorming session among the managerial team is vital in building a consensus on how a new POS should function. 

Feedback from the staff helps understand the bottlenecks in the restaurant operations. This gives managers a better understanding of the problems a new POS must solve. F&B SaaS-based solution providers like SupplyNote can deliver custom-designed POS as per modifications, features, and extensions a restaurant wants. Since staff members are someone who has to use the POS, the restaurant should take their feedback seriously.

Providing systematic restaurant POS training:-

The success and failure of new software in any institution depend on how effectively the staff is trained. While training the employees, management must not overburden them with information. Start the restaurant POS training with the managerial staff by making them learn all the features of the restaurant’s point of sale. The managers can then train the subordinates, starting with the basics, followed by the other complex features. 

Those restaurants who are switching to new POS start training the staff with features they are already familiar with, followed by enhanced features. Restaurant management has to be patient with the employees and prevent information overboard. 

Trial runs before the actual launch:-

Once done with the briefing of the POS modules, the next step will be the trial run. Hands-on experience with the restaurant POS by each restaurant staff is crucial to mastering the software. Select five essential features of the POS the team will use the most and then train them periodically. 

Most modern POS systems have a test mode that allows the restaurant to make dummy entries for training. The restaurant team can practice as much as they want in the test mode. Practicing helps staff increase the speed of operation and minimize errors.

Taking feedback from staff after restaurant POS training:-

As the restaurant implements a new POS or replaces one, there are chances of hiccups and malfunctions. There are also chances that restaurant employees find operating the user interface of the restaurant POS challenging. Only after using the POS software will the staff know if all the modules are functioning perfectly or if any feature needs to be added or modified. 

The task of training a new software doesn’t get over with just training. Taking feedback about the latest POS and that too on periodic intervals is as important. It’s very crucial to encourage restaurant managers and employees to give sincere feedback about the new restaurant POS.

Strategies to help staff adopt new POS:-

It is a human tendency to be apprehensive about new ideas and concepts, and it will be no different regarding Restaurant POS. As restaurant staff may not be very tech-savvy, below are some hacks restaurants can do to encourage employees to adopt POS enthusiastically. 

Some employees can grasp the restaurant POS training faster than others; restaurants should encourage such early learners to assist others. Organizing quizzes based on the POS functioning and providing exciting gifts is another way of increasing staff excitement in new restaurant software. Creating tutorials and transcripts of the modules of POS and offering them to staff will assist them in better understanding the software. In the end, the employee must be assured that restaurant POS training will reduce their working time and efforts to help them adapt faster to the solution.

Taking the help of the support team:-

 However efficient the restaurant’s POS training is, there are chances of bugs and malfunctions. During such a situation front desk team has to rely on the support of the restaurant software solution provider. Restaurant POS providers must deliver support to assist the front desk employees as and when required. 

Professional POS services like SupplyNote have six years of experience in handling not only POS but also IMS services. SupplyNote POS is built after continuous feedback from the F&B industry leaders. In case of customization and modification, the same can be done to.

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