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How to respond to negative restaurant reviews online like a pro
Online reputation management of a restaurant has become an inevitable part of the brand image of a F&B outlet. A potential client who wants to visit a restaurant will look out for restaurant reviews online and then make a decision. In fact, as per the latest surveys, around 88% of
6 Effective tips to create restaurant POS training for your employees
Implementing a restaurant’s point of sales (POS) is a crucial first step a restaurant takes in organizing and automating itself. Many times restaurants find existing POS software inept in handling the challenges they face and may have to switch to a new POS. In any of the above situations, the
9 Ways to find restaurant wholesale food suppliers for your F&B unit
A restaurant depends on various channel partners or restaurant suppliers for its smooth functioning. Restaurants purchase groceries, packaging, housekeeping materials, and services like pest control and utilities from their channel partner. The Restaurant suppliers must be punctual, reliable, cost-effective, and provide quality service or products to the F&B business for
7 Underrated ways to plan a lean restaurant business model in 2022
Are you one of the budding entrepreneurs who want to break free from corporate slavery and open your own food business? The post-pandemic period seems to be the best period to open a restaurant business as there has been renewed consumer spending, and people are more optimistic about dining out.
How to optimize restaurant order preparation time and increase delivery?
The word instant resonates so much in today’s world, instant messaging, instant personal loans, and last but not least, instant noodles. In this day and age where food aggregators promise 10 min food delivery, patience is a rare virtue, especially when it comes to restaurant order preparation time. The delivery
7 Restaurant business plan mistakes new businesses should avoid
If you are a food entrepreneur who has made up your mind to launch a restaurant or cloud kitchen, there are some pitfalls you need to avoid. The F&B industry is a very competitive business, and some of these common mistakes which are avoidable can prove detrimental to any restaurant
11 Super easy ways to make your restaurant business profitable
The last few years have been difficult for Food businesses the world over with many challenges like a pandemic, supply chain disruption etc. The hospitality business remains highly vulnerable to external factors like rescission, inflation, rising costs, etc. the F&B industry being part of this business is no exception. People
What are the benefits of setting up a restaurant online ordering system?
Pandemic has brought considerable changes in the way the F&B industry does business. The dining business took a hit due to lockdown and health safety concerns, and the focus shifted to takeaways, deliveries, and online orderings revenue streams. The online ordering trend is booming even before the pandemic and shows
5 Ways to reduce food wastage in restaurants
Food wastage in India is a chronic problem, and controlling it, especially in the F&B industry, has been a big challenge. Restaurants alone contribute around 67 million metric tonnes of food wastage per annum. In monetary terms, this amounts to INR 92000 crores and is growing at 8 to 10%.
5 Easy tips and hacks to set up a kid’s friendly restaurant.
Did you know families with kids make up an important demography who visit restaurants? And setting up kid’s friendly restaurant can increase the footfall in a restaurant by around 25%. In today’s world, restaurant units can divide into family-friendly outlets and the ones that cater to adults, like a pub