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The packaging and production of food products are a highly competitive industry that demands the severest standards of quality and hygiene. In this environment, fouling or contamination of food from even minor pest activity is totally unacceptable. As you know, recently one of the biggest coffee brands in India faced the problem of pests in their restaurant and eventually, it did not end well for the company as they had to close the outlet. The company saw a dip in sales nationwide and also the reputation of the brand has considerably come down after this incident. No one wants to face such a situation in a competitive environment. Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

Generally w.r.t restaurants, pests are linked to revenues losses which might reach up to 9-10% of the total revenue. As a restaurant owner, I would always want to reduce such losses which can be taken care of easily with a few measures.

Pests in the food and beverage processing industry are high-risk threats as they add to the impurities and damage raw materials in various ways. Pests are attracted to food establishments as these premises offer an ideal habitat for them where food and shelter are available which allows them to live and reproduce. Further affecting the inventory, a pest infestation may also result in loss of revenue, custom closure of the business by regulatory authorities or public health authorities, fines and even prosecution.

The potential consequences of failure to maintain standards for the Food Retail sector include: 

  • damage to reputation and customer trust
  • lost sales and profits due to loss of customers
  • financial loss from the cost of replacing damaged products
  • financial loss from claims for compensation
  • prosecution by public health and regulatory authorities
  • financial loss from fines from authorities

The types of pests differ from one restaurant to the other depending on many factors such as the location, facility type and from what can be the commonly occurring we’ve given some light on these pests.


Cockroaches commonly referred to as Roaches by pest busters are main pests which are easily found in commercial establishments. Not only they are disgusting for people but also carry pathogens which cause allergic reactions. Roaches are commonly found in cracks in walls and feed on any food articles. 

The population of roaches is controlled by regulating the reproduction process by the use of cypermethrin with 20-26% concentration which drastically reduces the reproduction of roaches


Flies/mosquitoes are controlled mainly by the use of Fly/mosquito traps or by the use of UV to control the flies inside the restaurant.


Rodents, such as mice and rats, can live in many situations and are difficult to keep out of structures. Mice can easily get past through small spaces and in addition, they spread diseases, fleas. Rodents can also cause a lot of structural damage as well.


Ants are one of the largest pest problems faced in Quick Service Restaurants. They feed on any kind of food and are very difficult to regulate and it one such thing only certified pest controllers can deal with.


Termite is common in place with wooden furniture/ambience. They feed on any kind of wood and tend to decrease the strength of wood on a long run. Termites can be controlled by polishing wooden surfaces regularly.

Many restaurants have already been taking a keen view on controlling the pests in their premises to satisfy customers as ‘’Not only the food matters but also the ambience’’. You never want your customers to leave the restaurants to leave because of a concern which can be easily controlled with the help of supplynote. Therefore it is one of the crucial problems to address to improve your business through hygienic conditions which will increase your outlet’s reputation as well as the customer base.

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