Restaurant Sale Boosting Tips


01 Jun 2020, 20:26

Restaurant suffering from low sales,
despite competitive prices? 

There are many intangible factors that effect an individual’s mind set to visit or not visit a restaurant. Considering the fact that you are offering good food quality at really competitive prices here are a 10 tips you can try to boost your sales.


1. Understand your target audience and keep your offerings according to the audience.

2. If your resturant is based upon a theme keep the ambiance live up to that theme.

3. Reduce your Order TAT, the average time interval in which the food comes to the plate after being ordered.

4. Provide value services like wifi and facilities like toilet etc.

5. Use good quality equipments to serve food for example clean crockeries, good quality disposables etc.

6. Keep check on your employe’s behaviour with the client.

7. Try to provide exclusive menu items for your customers.

8. Expand your social reach, market your restaurant, your food.

9. Strategise and give offers to your customers, believe me you can boost up your sales and your revenue by providing strategised offers to your clients.

10. Try to reduce your internal cost to offer better service to your customers.

Apart from these tips, you can also make use of online service providers like Adurcup which can help you reduce your backend problems as well as your marketing problems.