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Cold storage today forms an essential part of the food industry. Governments worldwide have made regulatory bodies at the federal, state, and local levels, making guidelines differentiating the types of cold storage required for different food. FSSAI is the authority in India that lays guidelines for the food industry. Whether
Eating together has been a form of socialization from time immemorial. There is an old saying that a family that eats together stays together. Having a meal together creates a long-lasting bond among people, making new friends, building relationships, and even cracking business deals is all possible sharing a meal.
A traditional point of sales (POS) system was the first digital electronic system restaurant started using. Traditional POS was the software used for basic day-to-day sales operations of a restaurant, limited to taking orders, punching KOT, and providing invoices for the end customer.  As businesses started adopting digitization and automation,
The bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the F&B industry. An increase in disposable income, greater participation of women in the workforce and acceptance of western food culture have all led to the growth of the bakery business in India. As per the latest data, the
The food truck business, also known as the mobile kitchen business, is a popular form of F&B business gaining popularity in India. The food truck business in India has achieved an 8.4% annual growth rate despite facing regulatory hurdles, vague government guidelines, and other challenges. One of the most critical
IMS TUTORIAL 1   – INTORDUCTION TO DASHBOARD Tutorial 1 is an introduction to the SupplyNote IMS dashboard and a brief explanation of its unique features. Link to video and transcript – click here IMS TUTORIAL 2   – PURCHASE ORDER FOR AN EXTERNAL VENDOR Tutorial 2 is a workflow of the
SCREEN 1 – SERVICE MODULE Click on the service module (encircled in yellow) Later to add an service click on the + sign  (encircled in green) SCREEN 2 As the new window opens fill in the type of service in the service name (in this case mintainence service). Fill in
SCREEN 1 To make a sales order first click on the sales module (encircled in green) Later click on the create sales order (encircled in yellow) SCREEN 2 Fill in the customer name in case of sale or the outlet name in case of the transfer order in the buyers
SCREEN 1 – EMPLOYEE MODULE Click on the employee module and you will land on the dashboard. You can view the details of the employees in the employee dashboard. To add on the new employee information, click on the + sign on the upper right-hand side of the screen (encircled
SCREEN 1 On the SupplyNote dashboard select the Recipe module (encircled in yellow). Select the add recipes button (encircled in green). SCREEN 2 As you land on the new recipe dashboard add in the name of the recipe. Fill in the recipe code and id if any. In the type