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Why should you start a cloud kitchen?
Owing to the pandemic’s effects, the world has been witnessing an immense change in the way people dine. With restaurants being closed for months (and some entirely), and the hesitation still being present despite all the necessary precautions being taken after the “Unlock” procedures, many have resorted to order food
Raise the spirits of your restaurant staff – Here’s how…
Worker assurance is one of the keys to an effective restaurant, and cheerful representatives are regularly in charge of upbeat and fulfilled clients. Work environment bliss, as per one source, supports your main concern. When you raise the spirits of your team, they’ll work harder for you and create more
Technological Trends in the F&B Industry: Introduction
Ever since the invention of the computer, a question always came up for debate: Technology – A Boon or A Doom? While we wouldn’t weigh in on our opinion on other industries, one thing we strongly vouch for is how technology has shaped up the future of the food industry.
Cloud Kitchen: A Boon To The Food Industry?
Everyone in the world knows India as the BreadBasket of the world. The total agriculture commodities export of India was US$ 3.50 billion in March–June 2020. Crazy number, right? Imagine how much the country would be producing and consuming if it can export such a large amount of agricultural produce.
Why Did The Kitchen Stock Out?
Before we begin, let’s carry out a small activity. Pen down the number of times your outlet has suffered a loss of profit which could have been avoided. Below it, number down the number of times this loss of profit has been caused due to stock-out. Yes, that’s what we
2021 – The Transition Year For Restaurants
The year 2020 had been a tough one. There were lockdowns, breakdowns, exhaustion, and distraught all around. Especially the restaurants and the entire F&B industry were going through a lean patch. But every setback is an opportunity for a comeback and that’s what we have to look forward to in
Home Chef Concept: Home to a New Business Idea
The year 2020 was all doom. Industries were facing breakdowns. F&B industry was one of the worst-hit. Some of the companies succumbed to it. But, not everything was gloom and doom as it gave rise to a concept, one that has already gained a lot of eyeballs. It’s the Home
The Need for Standardization in the Food Business
After a long day at work, when you have exhausted every bit of your energy, all you need is a feast of a dinner, right? You have got your belongings, and off you go to have your favorite cheesiest pizza at your go-to outlet. Your order arrives and the first
How to start a Food Business?
Introduction  The food industry is known to be one of the most lucrative industries. With the concept of eating out and outsourcing food services becoming more popular and evolved, the chances of profitable venturing are high. Due to the pandemic, we have seen new kinds of food business ideas taking
How to get an FSSAI License for your Restaurant?
Introduction Owning a food business be it a restaurant, cloud kitchen, or a food truck, comes with a lot of responsibility. The Indian government promotes entrepreneurship in the food industry. At the same time, they also want the population to have access to good quality food prepared in hygienic environments.