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11 Super easy ways to make your restaurant business profitable
The last few years have been difficult for Food businesses the world over with many challenges like a pandemic, supply chain disruption etc. The hospitality business remains highly vulnerable to external factors like rescission, inflation, rising costs, etc. the F&B industry being part of this business is no exception. People
What are the benefits of setting up a restaurant online ordering system?
Pandemic has brought considerable changes in the way the F&B industry does business. The dining business took a hit due to lockdown and health safety concerns, and the focus shifted to takeaways, deliveries, and online orderings revenue streams. The online ordering trend is booming even before the pandemic and shows
5 Ways to reduce food wastage in restaurants
Food wastage in India is a chronic problem, and controlling it, especially in the F&B industry, has been a big challenge. Restaurants alone contribute around 67 million metric tonnes of food wastage per annum. In monetary terms, this amounts to INR 92000 crores and is growing at 8 to 10%.
5 Easy tips and hacks to set up a kid’s friendly restaurant.
Did you know families with kids make up an important demography who visit restaurants? And setting up kid’s friendly restaurant can increase the footfall in a restaurant by around 25%. In today’s world, restaurant units can divide into family-friendly outlets and the ones that cater to adults, like a pub
Restaurant ERP vs. Restaurant CRM: What’s the difference?
Operating a restaurant has always been a daunting task. So much information and transactions have to be registered, compiled, and analyzed in a food and beverage unit. Earlier, most of these tasks were done manually, creating a big mess as transactions of various departments had to be reconciled to know
Benefits of using Restaurant Inventory Management System.
What is the most crucial factor that leads to the success of an F&B industry? You are probably not wrong if your answer is an effective marketing campaign or a tantalizing menu. But something far more important than that is a user-friendly restaurant Inventory Management system.  One of the biggest
Types of Cold Storage in India for the F & B industry.
Cold storage today forms an essential part of the food industry. Governments worldwide have made regulatory bodies at the federal, state, and local levels, making guidelines differentiating the types of cold storage required for different food. FSSAI is the authority in India that lays guidelines for the food industry. Whether
What is the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?
Eating together has been a form of socialization from time immemorial. There is an old saying that a family that eats together stays together. Having a meal together creates a long-lasting bond among people, making new friends, building relationships, and even cracking business deals is all possible sharing a meal.
How does a restaurant POS solution work? And its importance for a modern food business.
A traditional point of sales (POS) system was the first digital electronic system restaurant started using. Traditional POS was the software used for basic day-to-day sales operations of a restaurant, limited to taking orders, punching KOT, and providing invoices for the end customer.  As businesses started adopting digitization and automation,
Latest Bakery Trends to Watch out for in the Year 2022
The bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the F&B industry. An increase in disposable income, greater participation of women in the workforce and acceptance of western food culture have all led to the growth of the bakery business in India. As per the latest data, the