5 major precautions to take before going to a dine-in restaurant!



The lockdowns are ending, even if partially. And, many restaurants are opening up for dining in. This is like rain on parched lands for all those foodies who have been caged in their homes for many months now!

So, how do you ensure that you are safe at a dine-in restaurant while Covid-19 still lurks around in the world? Here are a few tips to follow.

A round of self-evaluation is the best place to start

As tempting as it may be to step out after being cooped up at home for so many months, do a quick check and see if you have any symptoms of cough, fever, breathlessness, etc. Even if you are feeling a little under the weather and aren’t able to put a finger on what it is, it is better to avoid going out for your own safety and for everyone around.

Spend some time to research about safe restaurants and safety standards

Look up about what the rules and laws are in your locality and what restaurants are safe to visit. Call the restaurants in advance and enquire if they are taking all the necessary precautions. Practices such as maintaining safe distances between tables, sanitizing all the surfaces at regular intervals, training all employees to wear masks and practice social distancing, limiting the number of visitors, and other precautions on these lines should be ensured. 

If you would like to check out some safe restaurants that we have partnered with, you can find the list here (SupplyNote).

Gear up for a safety mission like astronauts would for a space mission

Wearing a mask while going out to eat might feel ironic, but that is the law of the world now. Keeping the mask on when you walk into the restaurant, take your seat, order food, and even in between the courses can make a huge difference in terms of restricting transmission of droplets from your mouth and nose.

You could ideally just take the mask off only when you are actively eating. Even when you take it off, make sure that your fingers don’t come in contact with your face. Also, wear gloves when you step out of your house, take them off safely before eating and wash your hands with soap just before you touch your food. Ensure you have a hand sanitizer and an extra pair of gloves with you. You really cannot afford to compromise your safety mission at any point.

Choose company carefully and sensibly

The unexpected lockdowns have separated so many best friends, family members and acquaintances away from each other with just a virtual screen as a substitute for human contact. It is natural that you feel the urge to meet up with friends as soon as you get a chance to go out. But, it is better to stick with a company that is living with you or close to you and not mingle with too many circles of people. The smaller your eat-out group is, the safer it is for all those you love and the rest of the world. Even within your group, ensure that there is a 6 feet distance between one another and follow all the rules of social distancing strictly. 

While you are at the restaurant, make sure that you don’t linger around too long and spend as little time as you must. The more time you spend outside, the more you risk your life.

Plan the commute with utmost care

How you get to the restaurant and how you get back are equally crucial for your safety. Do not opt for public transport. Use a private vehicle and avoid pillion riders on the bike and more than one additional person in the car. If public transport is the only option you have, make sure you sanitise your sitting area completely before you take a seat. Once you are back home, head straight to the washroom, drop your clothes into soapy water and take a shower. Sanitize all the things that you took with you including the surface of your handbag, your mobile phone, your wallet, etc.

That sounds like fun but also a whole lot of rules and safety measures, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is, even with all these extra precautions, people do want to eat out because what was once a regular affair is now a precious experience that should be savoured. The extra effort is worth it for so many people and there is nothing wrong in that as long as you don’t take the safety aspect lightly.

So, let us find creative ways to have fun despite the many rules that we have to follow and have the best times without compromising on safety.

Happy eating!