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In today’s era, a Restaurant requires much more than basic amenities such as good food, pleasant ambiance, music, lighting etc., to reach the top of the pyramid. And the struggle gets really hard when you are competing against the elites of this pyramid. While you might have a clash with these elites bare hands, but considering that the majority of your customers have one thing in common, that is, the internet, so having a good grip on various marketing tools really help to keep more and more customers on your side.

Internet brought a lot of radical changes in Restaurant Marketing Techniques, and these days, your online presence matters as much as your establishment’s architectural or interior design, and the reason is fairly simple, because your website provides the first digital impression on a person, and your website helps the person to decide whether he/she wants to be your customer or not.

This post will help you understand various aspects of a great Restaurant website to help you make your digital impression leave a memorable mark in the person’s mind.

Page Design
You should take utmost care in designing your website's pages. Keeping the focus on your landing page which is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement and is the first impression within your overall digital presence. Some of the most common considerations in designing these web pages are:

There must be an easy navigation throughout the website. This helps the user to understand the structure of your website which may come in really handy if the user is looking for a particular thing or information.

You should provide all the necessary information to the landing page depending on the search query. Take some dish for example, if the user wanted to know more about this dish don't try to show him some other information which ultimately leads to the dish information. Also, your contact information should be easily accessible on all pages. If applies, include the history of your Restaurant.

Load Time
Optimum results come when your page loads within 4 seconds. Page loading time inversely affects the user's interest and the user might lose complete interest if the page load time is more than 9 seconds.

Primarily you should focus on mobile environment and then to desktop. As due to availability, most people prefer to use their mobile devices to access the internet.

Action Buttons
If your restaurant provides actionable things like reservation, online ordering then you should provide it onto the landing page itself to help the user through the process.

Keep your website updated with fresh content, upcoming and past offers, events, and things that engage customers. Include attractive images of the past events, your menu items etc.

Provide proper details about your servings. Things like veg, non-veg, spicy marks are important along with information about the ingredients used in making a particular dish. You can also mention the way a particular dish is made.

Provide the address for your Restaurant, including map and directions from user's location to the address.

Do proper SEO for your website, it will help you to reach your audience in google searches.