Pandemic has brought considerable changes in the way the F&B industry does business. The dining business took a hit due to lockdown and health safety concerns, and the focus shifted to takeaways, deliveries, and online orderings revenue streams. The online ordering trend is booming even before the pandemic and shows
Food wastage in India is a chronic problem, and controlling it, especially in the F&B industry, has been a big challenge. Restaurants alone contribute around 67 million metric tonnes of food wastage per annum. In monetary terms, this amounts to INR 92000 crores and is growing at 8 to 10%.
Did you know families with kids make up an important demography who visit restaurants? And setting up kid’s friendly restaurant can increase the footfall in a restaurant by around 25%. In today’s world, restaurant units can divide into family-friendly outlets and the ones that cater to adults, like a pub
Operating a restaurant has always been a daunting task. So much information and transactions have to be registered, compiled, and analyzed in a food and beverage unit. Earlier, most of these tasks were done manually, creating a big mess as transactions of various departments had to be reconciled to know
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15 unique trends to emerge in the f&b industry after the CoVID-19 pandemic.
Increase in home deliveries If you ask swiggy and Zomato, how did 2020 go for them and their business, then they would say, fairly well. This was due to a huge increase in the online orders during the pandemic that all food aggregators remained active in the business. Food delivery
Home Chef Concept: Home to a New Business Idea
The year 2020 was all doom. Industries were facing breakdowns. F&B industry was one of the worst-hit. Some of the companies succumbed to it. But, not everything was gloom and doom as it gave rise to a concept, one that has already gained a lot of eyeballs. It’s the Home
Cloud Kitchen: A Boon To The Food Industry?
Everyone in the world knows India as the BreadBasket of the country. The total agriculture commodities export of India was US$ 3.50 billion in March–June 2020. Crazy number, right? Imagine how much the country would be producing and consuming if it can export such a large amount of agricultural produce.
How to start a Food Business
INTRODUCTION The food industry is known to be one of the most lucrative industries. With the concept of eating out and outsourcing food services becoming more popular and evolved, the chances of profitable venturing are high. Due to the pandemic, we have seen new kinds of food business ideas taking shape in
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