Good Menu Design

Monday, 01-Jun-2020

Modern Restaurant Table

Looking for the best menu design
for your Restaurant? 

First of all, the thing to note here is that “a design is never final” its more like a preferred choice of majority. Have a look around, pick one thing and ask yourself “can it be improved?”, hopefully, you will understand the meaning of that line instantly.

Also, a good design is always relatable, a cultural menu design could suit a traditional restaurant setup while it may not fit well in a modern and technologically advanced restaurant setup. But here are a few tips that you can apply to make your menu look good apart from design.

* Make your offering pop, this could be images of your menu items.

* Keep the names of menu items according to the theme of your restaurant. eg “Paan-e-bahaar” for a traditional ambiance and “Exotica Pan” for a modern one.

* Showcase what is the specialty of the dish along with the ingredients used in it.

* If applicable, mention the history of your restaurant or a particular dish.

* Keep the menu informative, proper indications for spicy, veg, non-veg items etc.

* Use digital menu, here you can provide videos, more images and various more benefits.

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